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Reverse Air Cassette Filter

In a reverse air baghouse like our BRF, dirty air enters the collector and dust collects on the outside of the bags, which are supported by a metal cage to keep the air pressure from collapsing them. Steady air circulation continuously pulls air through the filter bags. For cleaning, a fan rotates over the bags, blowing reverse air into them to remove dust. This type of reverse air baghouse generates a lower pressure than the compressed air pulses of a pulse jet, which can decrease wear and tear on the bags and save on the cost of compressed air.

They are usually very cost-efficient and if used within the parameters for which they were designed, they are very effective. Since the duration of the compressed-air burst is short (0.1s), it acts as a rapidly moving air bubble, This timer indicates the solenoid valve to inject the air to the blow pipe. Digital Marekting

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