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Wet Scrubber System

A cyclonic separation is a method of removing particulates from an air, gas or liquid stream, without the use of filters, through vortex separation. When removing particulate matter from liquids, a hydrocyclone is used; while from gas, a gas cyclone is used Particulate or gases are collected in the scrubbing liquid. Wet scrubbers are generally the most appropriate air pollution control device for collecting both particulate and gas in a single system.

Due to a high-efficiency, Hurricane cyclones have been commercialised several times for the recovery of very fine APIs in the pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industries.Common associated product losses due to low efficiency of cyclone separators are minimised with Hurricane geometries. These cyclones demonstrate impressive efficiencies even in capturing inhalable powders with a median volume diameter (MVD) of less than 3m. This results in impressive improvements of high-value powder collection. Digital Marekting

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