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Decorative laminates are laminated products primarily usedas furniture surface materials or wall paneling. It can bemanufactured as either high- or low-pressure laminate, withthe two processes not much different from each other exceptfor the pressure applied in the pressing process. Decorativeplastic laminate is a durable flat sheeting material used inhome and industrial furnishings. Decorative laminate iscommonly used to surface kitchen counters, table tops, andcabinetry because of its resistance to stains, scratches,and heat.

In India three types of decorative and industriallaminated sheets are being manufactured usually beingphenol formaldehyde or melamine formaldehyde orother phenolic resins as binding materials for the coreand the surface papers. The decorative paper forlamination is imported.Today, laminated sheets are becoming very popularparticularly plastics and paper laminated sheets. Glasslaminated sheets are used by and large in aircraft andcertain scientific plans. Plastic laminates are highly popular. Digital Marekting

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