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Technical & Maintenance Services

1.Maintenance Service

    For Bag filter house and ESP, annual maintenance contracts are available across the India and close to client installations provide support on contracts.The contract provides for routine safety checkups, regular monitoring and efficiency trials, guidance for overhauling of equipment and training of operators on operation & maintenance of utilities. The contracts also provide for adequate visits of ABR Enviro Systems experts and quick response in case of unforeseen breakdowns.“Because keeping Environment pollution free” is our passion so we also provide complete job. We undertake comprehensive annual maintenance contracts involving supply of parts & services of our expanded services.

    2.Technical Service

      ABR Enviro Systems can assist you to keep your dust collection system (s) in compliance with Air Quality Management by providing a monthly or quarterly Bag house Inspection and Repair Service for your system.Our bonded and insured technicians will perform the following inspection checks monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly: Regularly scheduled walk downs and inspections are an operator's window into the dust collector system. Key performance items are checked, notated and monitored against prior inspections and original operating settings. Regularly scheduled inspections prevent hazardous emissions, high up or downtime by identifying potential problems before they become major ones. In addition to an inspection, our professionally trained technicians will replace broken diaphragm valves, solenoids, timer boards, and seal any minor air leaks. These services and repairs are done without hindering the operation of the system.

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